Who we are

You can't take the woods from me. Wearing a clever hat the Browncoats go camping. Bring back Firefly!

You can’t take the woods from me.

Here at The Gear Whores we love gear. Edc gear, camping gear, tech gear, diy gear and everything in between. We try to bring you our insight, and opinion from the point of view of the average guy, who happens to have a passion for the kit, toys and tools of the everyday world. These passions cover many eclectic and varied tastes, but focus mostly on the outdoor, tactical or prepper lifestyle.

If you look at an empty beer can and say “I could make an alcohol stove from that”. If you see snow falling and the temperature drop to bellow zero and say “Time to go camping”. If you think you need one more pouch, because you can’t have any open molle webbing showing, then you sir are a one of The Gear Whores. Don’t be shy, join us as we make, break and review it all, in a coffee fueled, beer cooled, multicam colored haze and fury that can not be beat!


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