Every Day Carry

Review: Idaho Survival Fire Stick Fatwood Ferrocerium

Fire can be made in many ways and with many tools. The simple creation of a spark and catching it on an easily burnable material is one of the older methods. A good example of such would be flint and steel, and a modern twist on that is the quite popular ferrocerium rod. This spark... Read More »

Video: Idaho Survival Fire Stick fatwood ferrocerium rod

The folks at Idaho Survival have take the venerable ferrocerium fire starter and added a fatwood handle to create their Fire Stick ferro rod. This take on a tried a true fire starter is handy and innovative by having the fire starting material, ie fatwood, built right... Read More »

Review: Merkwares Emberlit Sprongs

When it comes to outdoor utensils there are a multitude of items that we typically carry. Some of those are for creating fire, others are for setting up our tent. When dinner time rolls around the most critical are the utensils we use to create and consume our meals on the trail. For many of... Read More »

Preview : Sol Water hydration purification bladder

The human body needs water, and in a survival situation water is a higher priority than even food. The problem is that usually when you find water, you will need to in some way purify it to prevent cryptosporidium, giardia, or other nasty bad guys from giving you an infection. To help make the purification... Read More »

Review: Exotac fireSLEEVE rugged lighter

The gift of Prometheus is an immortal piece of edc gear. A gear whore without fire is no gear whore at all. This is probably why we all own many various tools that employ many different methods to start fire. Many of us employ the modern miracle of the Bic Classic lighter. This nearly universal... Read More »

Review: Cha-O-Ha EDC Card

Credit cards are a universal item in peoples pockets today, but outside of helping your buy the things you need what do they do? The answer is, not much other than being a fancy piece of plastic with a magstripe and numbers on it. Their major contribution to the edc landscape has been to provide... Read More »

Preview: The Tactical Marker Rugged EDC Sharpie

Writing utensils are a an absolute must in anyones EDC kit. If your a good member of The Gear Whores, multiple types of writing tools are at your disposal right now. Most likely amongst the myriad of tactical marking tools in your murse, one of them is the trusty Sharpie marker. This almost universal, permanent marker... Read More »

Preview: Exotac fireSLEEVE

Every good outdoor and EDC kit needs certain things to make it viable, and one of those things is fire. Of the many methods to start fire, one of the most common to carry is the good old fashioned disposable lighter. These lighters are cheap and easy to find anywhere and disperse throughout your multiple... Read More »

Preview: EDC Card The Ultimate Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool

Everyone has an everyday carry, or EDC kit. For some it’s just a wallet and a phone. For others this kit is a myriad of knives, lighters, pens and other such tools. The later is the type of kit every good Gear Whore has. That’s why when recently cruizing Kickstarter we ran across a new... Read More »

Preview: Live Fire Gear Firecord

Two things in life every Gear Whore loves, fire and paracord. When it comes to every day carry kit, we always have multiples of both on hand. Now the ingenious folks from Live Fire Gear have combined the two into one amazing product called Firecord. This Kickstarter project was successfully funded a few months ago... Read More »