Preview: Live Fire Gear Firecord

Live Fire Gear Firecord

Live Fire Gear Firecord

Two things in life every Gear Whore loves, fire and paracord. When it comes to every day carry kit, we always have multiples of both on hand. Now the ingenious folks from Live Fire Gear have combined the two into one amazing product called Firecord. This Kickstarter project was successfully funded a few months ago and we have been patiently waiting to receive our reward, and our patients is paying off. First,  Live Fire Gear had such a successful Kickstarter campaign that they DOUBLED our reward amount of Firecord. Second, we just received our shipping notice, so we shall soon enjoy this much anticipated invention. Now don’t be bummed if you missed the Kickstarter. Live Fire Gear is now taking preorders for FIrecord on their website. Stay tuned, review to follow.

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