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Review: Coffee Wick Fire Starter

We all know the basic components of a fire being tinder, kindling and fuel. Each component is designed to slowly catch the next stage on fire. The fun part is how do you get your first flame going and keep it going long enough to get the whole thing up in a blaze. This is... Read More »

Preview: Solo Stove Bonfire

We hold no secrets when it comes to our love of woodgas stoves and it would appear one of our long term dreams is coming true. The good people at Solo Stove are making the penultimate woodgas stove the Solo Stove Bonfire now on Kickstarter. This hulk of a stove has graduated to full on... Read More »

Review: Idaho Survival Fire Stick Fatwood Ferrocerium

Fire can be made in many ways and with many tools. The simple creation of a spark and catching it on an easily burnable material is one of the older methods. A good example of such would be flint and steel, and a modern twist on that is the quite popular ferrocerium rod. This spark... Read More »

Video: Idaho Survival Fire Stick fatwood ferrocerium rod

The folks at Idaho Survival have take the venerable ferrocerium fire starter and added a fatwood handle to create their Fire Stick ferro rod. This take on a tried a true fire starter is handy and innovative by having the fire starting material, ie fatwood, built right... Read More »

Review: Merkwares Emberlit Sprongs

When it comes to outdoor utensils there are a multitude of items that we typically carry. Some of those are for creating fire, others are for setting up our tent. When dinner time rolls around the most critical are the utensils we use to create and consume our meals on the trail. For many of... Read More »

Video: Emberlit Sprongs and Idaho Survival Fatwood Ferocerium

We start a fire in our Emberlit Fireant stove with the Idaho Survival Fatwood ferrocerium FireStick fire starter and test the new Emberlit... Read More »

Review : Fox Outfitters Firefly Headlamp

“How anyone can camp without a headlamp escapes me…”, a simple Gear Whore truth. Flashlights are a necessity while camping, in your everyday carry kit or in the garage, but when you actually have to work on something, and you need light, a headlamp is a must. In the last few years there has been... Read More »

Review: Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps

Hammocks are one of those simple things that make any camping experience just that little bit more comfortable. Finding that perfect spot, with the perfect view and lounging about certainly makes the day. Having the right hanging equipment certainly makes the experience easier to enjoy. Such equipment needs to be very adjustable, have good grip,... Read More »

Preview : Sol Water hydration purification bladder

The human body needs water, and in a survival situation water is a higher priority than even food. The problem is that usually when you find water, you will need to in some way purify it to prevent cryptosporidium, giardia, or other nasty bad guys from giving you an infection. To help make the purification... Read More »

Preview : The Orange Screw outdoor ground anchor

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Orange! Orange who? Orange Screw! Anyone who has spent time outside has erected a structure of some design, or needed to tie down and secure kit in place. In these circumstances you have most likely used a simple tent stake, or perhaps in the case of snow or sand a long... Read More »

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