Review: Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps

Hammocks are one of those simple things that make any camping experience just that little bit more comfortable. Finding that perfect spot, with the perfect view and lounging about certainly makes the day. Having the right hanging equipment certainly makes the experience easier to enjoy. Such equipment needs to be very adjustable, have good grip, and easy to use. To compliment their line of hammocks the folks at Fox Outfitters have introduced their new Vine Hammock Straps to make your hangout in the trees that much more enjoyable.

–Quality and Construction–

Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps

Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps

The Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock straps are designed as a classic daisy chain strap. This means that a doubled over section of square webbing has been sewn and standard intervals to create a series of dedicated loops in the strap. These loops then become the mounting points for your hammock and the method for adjustment while hanging your hammock. Each of the 20 loops are all heavily double stitched to ensure that they will provide support for you while you hangout. The Vine straps are 11 feet a piece, offering you a much larger range of hanging options when it comes to the distance and diameter of your trees. The heavy tight weave nylon strapping rolls up easily to fit in the included stuff sack, but is a bit too large to include directly in the bag of your favorite hammock, such as a Fox Outfitters Neolite Trek or Nelolite Single Hammock, which is what we tested.


Right out of the bag we were already happy that these straps now allowed us to hang our hammock over a greater distance. The 11 foot length certainly extends the overall capability and options for your hammock. Once we found an appropriate pair of trees it was very easily to loop the Vine Hammock Strap around said trees and back through the end loop to secure them. The webbing offers greater grip to the tree than the standard ropes that come with the Fox Outfitters Neolite Single hammock, meaning less slip and damage to the tree. Clipping your carabiner into any of the double sewn daisy chain loops gets you hanging quit rapidly, and makes for very easy adjustment with approximately 2 inches of adjustment per loop. The Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps easily held up our hammock and made for a comfortable hanging experience.

–Overall Impressions–

Daisy chain straps are not a complicated item. Wrap, tuck, pull, clip, hang, relax. The Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps accomplish this goal easily, and make for an excellent upgrade to simple ropes on your hammock. The overall added bulk does require that the straps have to be stored separately from your hammock, which is not as convenient as a single bag, but also not a deal breaker. If you are still using the standard ropes that came with your hammock you should certainly grab a set of these straps.

Fox Outfitters Vine Hammock Straps








ease of use



  • longer hanging length
  • better grip
  • easier setup


  • separate stuff sack
  • bulky

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