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Review: Exotac fireSLEEVE rugged lighter

The gift of Prometheus is an immortal piece of edc gear. A gear whore without fire is no gear whore at all. This is probably why we all own many various tools that employ many different methods to start fire. Many of us employ the modern miracle of the Bic Classic lighter. This nearly universal... Read More »

Review: Exped SynCellMat5

I’ve been spending a lot of time on sleeping mats lately, as evidenced by my long term review of the perennial and excellent Exped Synmat7.  Wanting variety, and backup, and because I’m a gear whore, I purchased the Exped SynCellMat5 from REI a few weeks ago. *Note: Living 8 miles from the REI flagship store is... Read More »

A Month on the Exped Synmat 7

A Month on the Mat: A long term review of the Exped Synmat 7. Last month I packed my stuff, fit what I could into my Fiesta hatchback, and moved to Colorado.  It’s going to be my base of Gear Whoring operations while I train for my 2016 Appalachian Trail thru hike.  Now, as most could... Read More »

Review: MSP Core M4 Stove

Bigger is not always better and size does matter, but it’s just a matter of what size do you need. Last time when we reviewed a stove from MySurvivalPack.com we said something similar about the Core 4 Bio-Reactor Titanium Ultimate stove. It seems that this comment was taken to heart because a little while ago... Read More »

Fox Outfitters Neolite Hammock

Sometimes when you get outside you just feel the need to embody the term “hanging out” and get relaxed in a hammock. Hammocks offer the wonderful feeling of floating gently in the breeze or sleeping in a cloud, and of late they are slowly working their way into our camping arsenal. With all of the... Read More »

Review : Solo Stove Campfire

A campfire is a central feature of most outdoor overnight adventures. Some scientists have even speculated that sitting around and staring at a campfire helped primitive humans evolve their minds and social structures. So it goes without saying that any time The Gear Whores are out in the woods, we are building a fire of... Read More »

Video: Solo Stove Campfire Unboxing

Though we have a Solo Stove Campfire we got via the Kickstarter launch, we didn’t have one with the matching two pot set. To fix that problem, we got one. These pots are large for sure. Since we got the whole kit we figured it was time for a Solo Stove Campfire... Read More »

Cooking steak on the Solo Stove Campfire

The wait is over and we managed to get our hands on a new Solo Stove Campfire. Of course the first thing a big stove like this needs is a big steak. After we finish searing our 48oz steak on a stick we decide to finish the cooking process with our brand new Solo Stove... Read More »

Searing a 48oz steak on a Lodge Cast Iron Hibachi

Every one gets hungry while camping. When we get hungry, we want meat. Luckily on this trip we brought a bit of tasty cow with us. We start cooking this 48oz on the bone ribeye steak by stearing it on a brand new Lodge cast iron hibachi grill. In part two of this video we... Read More »

Sabering Lagunitas with a Knife

While getting out on a nice January camping trip we got a bit thirsty, and didn’t seem to have easy access to a bottle opener. So to solve our drinking problem we saber open bottles of Lagunitas beer with a custom Grindhouse Knives DSK XL pocket knife and our own The Gear Whores prototype fixed... Read More »

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