Preview : Sol Water hydration purification bladder

solbagThe human body needs water, and in a survival situation water is a higher priority than even food. The problem is that usually when you find water, you will need to in some way purify it to prevent cryptosporidium, giardia, or other nasty bad guys from giving you an infection. To help make the purification process easier the folks at Tortoise Gear have taken the principal of UV water purification and built a lightweight roll up water balder  called the Sol Water bladder. With three models to choose from, the survivalist, the day tripper, and the backpacker, the Sol Water bladder offer various sizes and closure options on their Kickstarter page, all while incorporating the sun capturing, microbe killing design at its core. We have a set of these in bound and will report whether we get the trots or not, after a thorough test.

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