Preview: EDC Card The Ultimate Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool

EDC Card The Ultimate Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool

EDC Card The Ultimate Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool

Everyone has an everyday carry, or EDC kit. For some it’s just a wallet and a phone. For others this kit is a myriad of knives, lighters, pens and other such tools. The later is the type of kit every good Gear Whore has. That’s why when recently cruizing Kickstarter we ran across a new project that needed our backing, EDC Card. From the title of the page EDC Card clams to be “The Ultimate Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool”, and we must say it appears to have quite a few tools crammed into a credit card shaped device. What really got our attention is the fact EDC Card is made from CPM S35VN steel. That is some quite nice blade steel. As a mater of fact we have Sniper Bladeworks knives that sport this as the blade steel. Take this, and add in a hefty selection of hex drivers, screw drivers, pry bar and you get a 2.4mm thick 2oz ergonomic credit card sized power house. Needles to say we have high hopes for this bit of kit, so we’ll watch the EDC Card Kickstarter progress closely.

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