Making of the Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

Making the Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

Making the Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

A few of you have asked us recently how we made the Solo Stove Titan Gill Bowl, in anticipation of making your own. Overall the process is not very difficult, but will require a few power tools. The two major components required are a large stainless steel mixing bowl, and a small grill from a “smoky joe” style mini grill.

Our first step was to simply scribe a circle onto the inside of the bowl, that is equivalent in size to the diameter of the Solo Stove Titan pot stand. It should be designed such that the pot stands collar will not fit through the hole in the bowl. Once that is complete, all you need to do is remove the associated material inside the scribed circle. This can be done with a Dremel, cut-off wheels, or in our Case a Wuertz Machine Works TW-90 grinder at Grindhouse Knives. Cut out the meat of the circle and then carefully hand fit the bowl to the stove. Once complete, fire it up and do some cooking.

Fitting the Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

Fitting the Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

We hope to get another version of the Grill Bowl made that will fit the new Solo Stove Campfire, once we get our hands on this newest addition to the Solo Stove lineup. Obviously a larger bowl and grill will be needed, but I’m sure we can scrounge up the needed parts to get this project rolling.

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  • bakerjw2000 says:

    I’ve got a solo stove original and the new campfire arriving soon. How did you cut the large hole? Did you do some sort of rough cut then hand smoothed it with a dremel? What would you charge for grill bowls for the original and campfire?

    • admin says:

      We cut a primary hole using a pneumatic cut off tool and finished it on a TW-90 grinder. We are looking into cost for time and materials for making more Grill Bowls. Keep an eye on the site for details.

  • Rob Glazier says:


    Any problems with juice, goo, etc dripping down into the stove? There isn’t any sort of tray to catch the drippings like on a grill.

    Mod looks awesome and extends the utility of the Solo Stove. Can’t wait to try it.


  • Terry Larson says:

    Were you able to come up with a version of the grill bowl to fit the Solo Campfire stove. Do you sell the assembly?


  • tom braun says:

    looks like you would have to lift the bowl to add more wood?????? tom

    • admin says:

      You would have to lift the grill to put more fuel in the stove. That’s why we find it handy to get the fire going and loading it up with charcoal for cooking.

  • Tim Romero says:

    After I cut the bottom of the bowl out.
    I smoothed out the edges and then I drilled a number of 1/4″ holes thru it. When I grill I put it on the pot stand and it acts as a diffuser and spreads out the flame

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