Video: Emberlit Fireant Review Part 2 Fire in a box

We continue our review of the Emberlit FireAnt as it proves to be a simple to use fire in a... Read More »

Video: Emberlit Fireant Review Part 1 First Flame

We review the Emberlit Fireant titanium ultralight firebox wood stove. After assembly we grab a firestarter and some random twigs and give this stove its first... Read More »

Emberlit FireAnt wood stove

When it comes to saving weight in your pack the saying always goes, “ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain”. Building an ultralight kit means looking at everything you have and trying to cut it down as much as possible. One of those typically heavy pieces of kit is your stove, unless you have the... Read More »

Review: CORE Wood Gas Backpacking Stove

We are always suckers for a new stove, and we’ve been waiting for the MSP Core Woodgas Backpacking stove to come out for sometime now. At long last we’ve got a couple specimens in our hands and have had the time to put them through their paces. Spoiler alert, they did not disappoint.   For... Read More »

Video: MSP Core Stove Boil Test

We boil some water on top of the MSP Core Stove using a 700ml Titanium mug and the small pot from the Solo Stove 3 Pot... Read More »

Video: Core Woodgas Backpacking Stove

We fire up the stainless steel and titanium versions of the MSP Core Multi-Function Woodgas Backpacking Stove, in both the 3 wall and 4 wall designs.... Read More »

Teaser: Core Woodgas Backpacking Stove

Finally got time to fire up our MSP Core Multi-Function Woodgas Backpacking Stove. Certainty has a nice flame anodized patina. Review... Read More »

Stove Day Part 4 – Primus Omnifuel, MSR Dragonfly, Lighting

We finally get the Primus Omnifuel and the MSR Dragonfly lit up and ready to rock. These two stoves go head to head with the sound of twin jet engines while working to boil water. As always, playing with fire is... Read More »

Solo Stove and Solo 900 Pot

I’ve used a double walled “wood gas” stove for a few years now. I’ve made them myself, and use both the original Solo Stove and Solo Stove Titan. I love this method of camp cooking for a few reasons, but I’ll get into that in a moment. First, to concentrate on the product at hand.... Read More »

Video – Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

We finally got out into the woods to enjoy some good ole camping time. This gave us a minute to toss together some live action footage on the Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl. As you can imagine it is a outdoor, bacon cooking machine.... Read More »

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