Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

Being the life hacking, lovers of kit that we are every now and again we come up with a neat idea.One evening while sitting outside playing with our beloved Solo Stove Titan and grilling some tasty meats, our whiskey hazed minds suddenly became quite clear and a bolt of inspiration stuck. What if we could... Read More »

Stove Day Part 3 – Biolite, Solo Stove, Rocket Stove, Windscreens

During part three of our Stove Day adventure we work on assembling the windscreens for our MSR stoves as well as unpack a few new woodgas stoves. The Biolite, Solo Stove and Rocket Stove. As always we pontificate on our love of outdoor backpacking gear, and just have a good time.... Read More »

The Core Multi-Function Woodgas Backpacking Stove

Being that we love stoves at The Gear Whores we always keep our eyes our for new or interesting camping and backpack stoves on the market. A while ago we ran into the CORE folding woodgas stove on Kickstarter. Touting a multi-piece, fold flat, double wall gasifier design we were easily intrigued. Like many we... Read More »

Preview – Emberlit Stoves FireAnt Titanium Stove

When it comes to wood burning backpacking stoves there are a few options and designs on the market. One that we’ve always enjoyed is the folding box stove. A few years ago the guys at Merk Wares brought the Emberlit Stove to market. This stainless steel flat folding wood burning box stove is a simple... Read More »

Stove Day Part 2 – Omnifuel setup and MSR Dragonfly vs Whisperlite

Stove Day continues. We work on setting up the Primus Omnifuel and compare the fuel bottles and pumps of the Omnifuel and MSR Dragonfly and MSR Whisperlite. With a few bottles of whitegas and a few bottles of “people fuel”, being Balvenie 17 peated cask and  Kilchoman Machir Bay, we get this show on the... Read More »

Stove Day Part 1 – Unboxing the Primus Omnifuel

As you may have guessed we are huge stove fans here at The Gear Whores. If there is a backpacking or camping stove out there we either have it or want it. With that in mind we took a day to sit down with a stack of kit and ran through a series of back... Read More »

Solo Stove 3 pot set

The Solo Stove 3 pot set is a nested stainless steel cooking pot set, including a multi-use lid, that is specifically designed with the original Solo Stove in mind. This pot set extends the usefulness of the Solo Stove to well beyond a single camper and makes it a kit capable of cooking for an... Read More »

Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800

Overview: The Solo Titan is a two piece (4, counting pot and lid) cooking system that utilizes secondary combustion or wood gasification to very efficiently burn small sticks and focus the heat where it is needed. Wood gas stoves offer some key advantages over petrol/gas stoves, including weight and sustainability. You’ll probably never run out... Read More »

Solo Stove Titan — Preview

One of the things we at The Gear Whores, whore about the most are stoves. We love the damn things. Lucky for us our itch is being scratched. Our Solo Stove Titan and Kettle set have just arrived from our friends at Solo Stove! Stay tuned for pics and a full review of this big... Read More »

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