Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl

Solo Stove Titan grill bowl modification

Solo Stove Titan grill bowl modification

Being the life hacking, lovers of kit that we are every now and again we come up with a neat idea.One evening while sitting outside playing with our beloved Solo Stove Titan and grilling some tasty meats, our whiskey hazed minds suddenly became quite clear and a bolt of inspiration stuck. What if we could simply grill on our Solo Stove? After some discussion and contemplation on the what and how, we had to source only a few parts Having access to a full knife shop does have it’s advantages. In this instance it allowed us to run down our crazy gasifier stove/grill combo idea. A few slices with a cutoff wheel and some shaping on the grinder and we were in business. The Solo Stove Titan Grill Bowl certainly worked as we expected it to. Producing a easy to use surface for meats, wile utilizing the efficient burning heart of the Solo Stove.

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