Product reviews of commercially available gear

Fox Outfitters Neolite Hammock

Sometimes when you get outside you just feel the need to embody the term “hanging out” and get relaxed in a hammock. Hammocks offer the wonderful feeling of floating gently in the breeze or sleeping in a cloud, and of late they are slowly working their way into our camping arsenal. With all of the... Read More »

Review : Solo Stove Campfire

A campfire is a central feature of most outdoor overnight adventures. Some scientists have even speculated that sitting around and staring at a campfire helped primitive humans evolve their minds and social structures. So it goes without saying that any time The Gear Whores are out in the woods, we are building a fire of... Read More »

Emberlit FireAnt wood stove

When it comes to saving weight in your pack the saying always goes, “ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain”. Building an ultralight kit means looking at everything you have and trying to cut it down as much as possible. One of those typically heavy pieces of kit is your stove, unless you have the... Read More »

Review: CORE Wood Gas Backpacking Stove

We are always suckers for a new stove, and we’ve been waiting for the MSP Core Woodgas Backpacking stove to come out for sometime now. At long last we’ve got a couple specimens in our hands and have had the time to put them through their paces. Spoiler alert, they did not disappoint.   For... Read More »

Fox Outfitters Ultralight 100 Long Mattress

The Fox Outfitters Ultralight 100 long, is designed to be a compact lightweight backpacking capable inflatable mattress. By simple observation, it appears to be designed to compete with the traditional foam laminated inflatable mattresses such as the Thermarest Trail Lite or Pro Lite, and appears to do a relatively fine job doing so. Size and... Read More »

Solo Stove and Solo 900 Pot

I’ve used a double walled “wood gas” stove for a few years now. I’ve made them myself, and use both the original Solo Stove and Solo Stove Titan. I love this method of camp cooking for a few reasons, but I’ll get into that in a moment. First, to concentrate on the product at hand.... Read More »

Stove Day Part 3 – Biolite, Solo Stove, Rocket Stove, Windscreens

During part three of our Stove Day adventure we work on assembling the windscreens for our MSR stoves as well as unpack a few new woodgas stoves. The Biolite, Solo Stove and Rocket Stove. As always we pontificate on our love of outdoor backpacking gear, and just have a good time.... Read More »

Solo Stove 3 pot set

The Solo Stove 3 pot set is a nested stainless steel cooking pot set, including a multi-use lid, that is specifically designed with the original Solo Stove in mind. This pot set extends the usefulness of the Solo Stove to well beyond a single camper and makes it a kit capable of cooking for an... Read More »

Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800

Overview: The Solo Titan is a two piece (4, counting pot and lid) cooking system that utilizes secondary combustion or wood gasification to very efficiently burn small sticks and focus the heat where it is needed. Wood gas stoves offer some key advantages over petrol/gas stoves, including weight and sustainability. You’ll probably never run out... Read More »

–Fox Outfitters Comfort 100 Mattress–

From TGW-T: The Fox Outfitters Comfort 100 mattress is an extra long and extra wide mattress that certainly doesn’t skimp in the comfort department. Though it won’t win any points wit h the lightweight backpacking crowd, it will provide bonus points with anyone who enjoys an extra comfy and insulated, night on the ground. Packaging:... Read More »

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